You might like to PRINT this page so you have all the information you need about our show and details about the venue..

199 Marius St, Tamworth. Phone: (02) 6766 8166

Lonnie Lee Tamworth Show Bookings
General Information Sheet


Book through Starlite Records

Phone Bookings: 02 9826 0220

Book at the Club In Person:199 Marius St, Tamworth
Phone Bookings: (02) 6766 8166
Booking Agencies
and Online

In person: Mon-Sun 9am to 7pm
Capital Theatre 1st Floor Centerpoint
Big Guitar- Ray Walsh -Trecc Foyer (2-4pm)
Phone Bookings : By Credit Card- 02 6767 5300


January 2019
Show Dates are..
All shows at 10:30 am
Sat  19
Sun 20
Mon 21
Tues 22
Wed 23
Thur 24
Fri   25
Sat   26
Adults $27 - Pensioners with card $25
Group 15+ $23 - Children $16 (15 under)

Doors will open about 10:00 am each day when prepaid tickets will be accepted or new ones purchased if space allows.
If you have prepaid your ticket here Online, you MUST have your printed ticket.
Each show will start right on 10:30am and the 1 1/2 hour show will feature Lonnie Lee and The Leemen with many of his hits,
songs from his old and new albums and celebrations of the music of many other Superstars including Johnnie Ray.
SPECIAL: Some of the incredible popular songs from the first Aussie stars which hit the top of the pop parades
back in the late 50's and early 60's You won't believe you've forgotten these fantastic songs...
The venue will have an area set up at the back of the seating which will allow for dancing if you so wish.
Merchandise will be available at the show either before or after the event and Lonnie will sign all purchases after his show.
He will also sign an old records or photo's you may have from other times.
The venue is a well known club in Tamworth and any cab driver and most locals will know where it is and how to get to it.

If you are driving or walking you can follow these easy directions..


Have your Ticket  ready to show and you can claim any seat that is available.
Dancing is okay at the back of the room and let Lonnie know if you have any request for his songs
or if you wish to have him make an announcement about a birthday etc..

Testimonials 1


Absolutely enjoyed your show my husband loved the way you told the stories before each song. The husband was a little hesitant, but he is fully converted now, we think you had an amazing voice. Hope to see you again. We also loved the DVD which we purchased -- This is great to see... Congratulations Lonnie!! Anyone who has ever seen you perform live would know that you are the epitome of "Excellence in live performance". Well deserved and long overdue -- FANTASTIC show last Saturday night Lonnie ... not only a great early Elvis history lesson set to iconic songs, well performed by a REAL legend of Rock'n'Roll, but also your Golden Hits as a second show FOR NO EXTRA CHARGE - what more could a Rock'n'Roll and Country Music fan ask for -- what a great show last night, you are a Class act, a little feedback from the people who accompanied us, Best money I’ve spent in a long while great value, did not expect this, what a quality show, he has a great range, the show was very well put together, WOW , would definitely go and see him again , last but not least Q. How old is he? A.He is in his _ _s,

Testimonials 2


Lonnie, we just watched your DVD The Black & White Television years. What a great DVD we loved watching the old footage. You are a true icon of Australian rock n roll era. We love what you do -- ..saying on mass that it was the best concert they had ever been to. From my point of view I think it's a fair statement to say that Lonnie is the only artist to emerge from the Golden Era & remain a vital stand-out box office attraction -- it was an awesome show I went 2 times and took friends they enjoyed the concert also still singing as good as ever and just loved the format and stories about the songs and singers well done Lonnie and the Leemen rock on forever -- You were a great entertainer years ago and you are even better now -- I had some guests attending & like me, they were very impressed with Lonnie’s show. -- His courtesy, professionalism, song quality & great all round showmanship was outstanding -- Hes just a pure Rock n Roller with an unfaltering voice singing very naturally. Loved every minute of it

Testimonials 3


Reckon Lonnie is looking great and he is singing fantastic. My advice if Lonnie is in your area do yourself a favour and get to his show. You won't be disappointed -- thank you for an awesome show last night! You are still as good an entertainer as you were back in the late '50s and early '60s!! Gotta love that Rockabilly music !! -- Once again fantastic show last night. Stacked to the rafters -- Great show Lonnie, we loved it -- Just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed your show last night at Bankstown Trots. We have seen you perform many times over the years, but last night was a real "surprise packet" keep on rockin'-- Loved the show Lonnie was awesome the songs bought back so many happy memories i will treasure forever bless you for still rockin on -- He's still a fantastic world class entertainer....Go see his show, it'll blow you away. -- Lonnie really has the innate ability to transform his audience back to those great days of early rock & roll