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How old is he?

At EVERY show..
the most asked question is..

How old is he?

It is asked more in disbelief
than just as a question!

Well, during the show he makes
reference to the fact he started
to sing popular style songs
in the mid 1950's,
just before Rock'n'Roll.

So lets work this out!

The mid 1950's were roughly
about 55 years ago, and he must have
been at least 15 years of age when he started..

Assuming that's is correct then..

it would make him

at least 64, 65 or 66 now!

Want the answer?

He is turning 73 on September 18 2013.

He was born in 1940 under the star
of Virgo just prior to Libra rising.

Has he had any facelifts ?

What are his medical beliefs?

Firstly NO, he has not had any facelifts
to look younger!

If needed, and ONLY if needed,
he will consult medical doctors.

His beliefs are more into
natural healing using..

Medical Doctors who are also
natural healing, holistic believers
who follow the very latest
scientific breakthroughs
in alternate medicine.

Prefers the Preventive approach
to health rather than wait until
something goes wrong!

How can he look so young ?

For a start..

He is and has been
a *lacto vegetarian since 1968.

He does not smoke

He does not drink alcohol

He does not take drugs

He lives a holistic style of life

Doesn't take sugar

He exercises regularly

He prefers natural healing
rather than drugs.

* A Lacto vegetarian is one who
does not eat any meat at all, including seafood.

There is a saying, 'We eat nothing with a face'

They eat dairy foods such as milk and cheese
and naturally
all vegetables and soy products such as tofu etc.

Lonnie does not also eat eggs
or cheese with animal rennet in it.

He only uses skim milk from skim powder,
not full cream milk.

What does he take to stay healthy?

He takes Liquid E-lyte Minerals

Good pure Vitamins supplements
when needed.

Is there anything special he eats?

His preference is organic foods
free from GM modification
and chemicals.

His favourite foods include..
Tofu, Tomatoes, Avocados, Mangoes, Dill Pickles

Every day he has a breakfast of..

See the Breakfast here

4 teaspoons each of..
Raw wheatgerm
LSA Powder (Linseed,Sunflower,Almonds)
Lecithin granules (GMA free)
Kamut or Heritage Flakes

(They are like Cornflakes from special ancient unbleached & unsugured flour-
Many Health stores sell them.
If you can't get them get anything else without too much sugar)

1 or 2 soft dates
1 or 2 prunes
Topped with a little fresh fruit.

He uses skim milk enough
to still keep it crunchy.

Nearly every day has a salad at night
and fruit during the day.

He has a water purifier at home
and ALL water consumed is through this purifier.

He drinks upwards of 2 litres of pure water a 24 hour day.

Does he play sport?

No he doesn't have much interest in sport.

He likes Equestrian Sports and Tennis and occasionally may watch other sports if he has the time.

He is totally against all the violence that is accepted in sport especially in the football codes by both players and spectators..

What are his interests?

Computers, songwriting, traveling

quantum physics and spiritualism

What are his personal beliefs?

Mostly he wants to keep them private although..

He believes in the principles of karma..
One reaps what they sow,
actions create reactions. Thus..

Do unto others
as you would like them to do unto you..

He does not believe in the taking of life.

ANY life, whether it be animal or human

We are ALL connected, all from the same source.


What does he think about
show business today?

He is not against any of the music styles of today however objects to the swearing and messages in many Rap and Hip Hop styles.

He does not like many of the Video clips promoting these songs as he sees them portraying women as sexual objects.

He thinks music is one one the fundamental things that can reach out and effect the minds of children and young adults so consequently thinks record companies, producers, songwriters and singers should take more responsibility for the youth of today.

He is sorry to see how the corporate greed now involved in the club and media industries, has..

forced the clsure of most record
companies except for the 2 or 3 major lables.

closed most of the live music
venues across all genres of music

stopped all music television shows
except the new talent shows which are there purely to promote the record companies sales.

all governments favouring sport over
music as a way to promote good
health in young children


What are his views on politics?

He does not belong to or support any one party but supports any party who does not wuish to take Australian values away from the Australia of yesterday.

He does not subscribe to the massice immigration policies of recent governments of both persuasions,especially from countries who do not want to assimilate and embrace the Australian way of life.

He is against the abuse of the social security system and the criminal waste of the money which belongs to all Australians.

He doesn't agree with much of the political correcrtness which the left side of government has forced on Australia.

He believs Australians are one of the most accepting nations on earth when it comes to embracing other cultures, however this is predicated on them returning the embrace.
The European cultures who came here after War World 2 are a perfecr example peoples who did that.

His beliefes were considered normal and centre a few years ago, however are now portrayed as right winged by the press.