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Here are some links to Audio and Video clips of Lonnie from yesterday and today..  Some links will take you off this site

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Whilst many of the shows are on the guide, there are some which may not show especially private and corporate events which are not open to the public.  If you need more information about a show, please check with the venue or contact us.

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In 1959 Lonnie signed with Lee Gordon's Leedon Records and then in 1964 with EMI and HMV Records. In 1969 he was with SunshIne Records, then in 1976 with Spotlite Records USA.

Since 1985 Lonnie has been exclusively with Starlite Records of Australia which has already, or is scheduled to, release all his archival material from 1959. To date from the archives, 5 Volumes of audio in the Definitive Original Collection have been released as well 2 volumes of DVD which features some of his appearances on Black and White TV from 1959 in The Black and White Series.

As Lonnie continues to write and record, they will also release new CDs and DVDs as well as current singles.  To satisfy many fans who live in areas which will never get to see one of his shows, they release 'live' versions of his show.

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These links are to many photo albums . Some links may take you offsite user browser to get back here.

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Lonnie is the Last Man standing from his era who had multiple hits and who is still writing, recording and releasing albums and DVDs today.

Back in the day, when social media wasn't even a dream, and before the Beatles recorded, there was a time when singing idols with their dreamy eyes, slicked back hair and sexy pouts, had teenage girls and guys, chasing them down the streets of every town and capital city in the country and writing love notes in lipstick all over their cars.

One of those idols, Lonnie Lee, who experienced all this and more, is today considered by both the industry and fans alike, to be the last man standing
from the era of cheeky upbeat melodies and gyrating rhythms.


He has just released a brand new album called, 'Back to Base X' and once again, in his own inimitable rockabilly style, has written and recorded songs to set the heart pumping and the feet rockin'.

These songs, the style and the man are truly the authentic real deal.. his fans adored him back then and still do now. They love his authenticity and along with his pretty good looks, still has a voice and energy to match or beat any of today's Legends.

Today, just a handful of the stars who graced those early days of TV and radio still perform in clubs. Most have retired or even passed away. None of them had the popularity and hits that Lonnie Lee had, other than his peers, Johnny O'Keefe and Col Joye. Johnny passed away in the late 1970's and Col has not performed for over 10-15 years.

Like those other two, Lonnie is an icon of Australia's first pop music industry. They in fact help start the industry, breaking records as they introduced Rock'n'Roll to Australia.

He is still doing what he always did. Singing the songs he and his audience love, filling theatres and auditoriums.

If you get the chance, don't miss out on pure history. Go out of your way to see him, you won't be sorry.

lonnielee.com – facebook.com/lonnieleemusic – starliterecords.com.au/open

More information from Starlite Records admin@starlite.com.au