Here are some links to Audio and Video clips of Lonnie from yesterday and today..  Some links will take you off this site

Since his first recording in 1959 Lonnie has recorded and released well over 400 audio tracks on many albums. Every year he releases more, as both studio and 'live' show albums.

Lately, there has been an increase of requests for albums of the shows he does, so to satisfy these requests, Starlite Records now release a 'live' album of every new show.

The recent ones are, 'The Hillbilly Cat Show, Solid Gold LIVE Show and The Roots of Aussie Rock Show.

They can all be purchased at the Starlite Records OnLine Shop



Rip it Up - Live -1992

That's all right Mama 1959

Hillbilly Cat Show Montage 2014

'Starlight Starbright'  1960

Solid Gold Show Montage 2014

'Lover Doll' 1959

'I found a new love'  1960

Yes Indeed I do 1960

'Ain't it so' 1959

When the bells stop ringing 1963

Long Way to the Top Show Cameo
Short Interview then Hit Medley

Defenceless 1960

'Baby Let's Play House'    1960

 In the middle of an island 1961

'Sit around and talk'  1961

 Sad Over Someone (SOS) 1969

'I need you now ' 1964


 CRIKEY !  2006

Tribute to Steve Irwin

'Six O'clock Rock' Theme  2010

Can't you see it in my eyes 2006

Tamworth Montage and Parade 2014

 Don't look back 1993

Cooly Rocks Festival Parade 2013

Lonely Nights and Lonely Days  2006