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The Hillbilly Cat Show


This show tells the story of Elvis Presley. How he got to record for Sun Records in Memphis, how he fused several styles to create what we now call Rockabilly, and the songs which became his first records for Sun Records. Lonnie sings them blending hos own energetic style with that of the young Elvis.

The Cry! Show


Prior to Elvis amd Rock'n'Roll, Johnnie Ray was the world's most popular recording and stage star. His show attendenaces broke all records and some still stand today. His antics on stage included lying on the stage floor making love to a microphone stand, jumping on a piano, and frantically moving around the stage. These were the moves that a young Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis year later put to a Rock.n.Rioll beat. His vocal style was also unique so much so they named him, Mr Emotion, The Nabob of Sob and The Cry Guy.

Lonnie take 26 of the great Johnnie Ray songs and with his Leemen and a big band, presents a swing show like no other. He links them together in an exciting story.

The Rockabilly Frenzy Show


Due to requests for Lonnie do perform dance show, he has this show which presents the best Rock and Rockabilly songs especially for dances and those who love Lonnie's energy and style. Many of these songs are not performed in any of his other shows.

The Roots of Aussie Rock Show


As a tribute to the first original Rock.n.Roll era, Lonnie sings the songs and tells the story of his friends and peers who were Australia's first music stars.