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In 1959 Lonnie signed with Lee Gordon's Leedon Records and then in 1964 with EMI and HMV Records. In 1969 he was with SunshIne Records, then in 1976 with Spotlite Records USA.

Since 1985 Lonnie has been exclusively with Starlite Records of Australia which has already, or is scheduled to, release all his archival material from 1959. To date from the archives, 5 Volumes of audio in the Definitive Original Collection have been released as well 2 volumes of DVD which features some of his appearances on Black and White TV from 1959 in The Black and White Series.

As Lonnie continues to write and record, they will also release new CDs and DVDs as well as current singles.  To satisfy many fans who live in areas which will never get to see one of his shows, they release 'live' versions of his show.


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THE VOLUMES 1 to 5 are of original tracks recorded by Lonnie on vinyl between 1959 and 1984
These CD albums are remastered version of his original vinyl records 1959 to 1984. They have not been altered and retain all the original excitement of those original releases. Volume 1 and 2 also contain a CDRom which has all the lyrics to the songs, some video and many photos and memorabilia.

Others CDs were recorded after 1984 and released on CDs

This link takes you to a Menu Page where you can see the track listings, labels and covers for many of Lonnie's releases.


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