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Information and Booking Page

Lonnie Lee will once again make some historic appearances at the
Tamworth Services Club.

In case you didn't know..

His hits of the late 50's early 60's are legendary in the history of the Australian Music Industry.
Starlight Starbright - I found a new love - Yes Indeed I do - Defenceless
When the Bells stop ringing - Sitting by the River - Sit Around and Talk with me
Don't you know Pretty Baby - SOS, Sad Over Someone.. and now ..

his latest album releases..

'Back to Base X' (50's style Rock'n'Roll)

'North West Mail' (Country Rockabilly)

'Light of Love' (Adult 50's style ballads)

He has been presented with award after award and accolade after accolade since..
early 1957 and the 1961 Golden Microphone Award as 'Australia's Most Popular Star'

Some of them being..
2001 Induction into the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame
Australia Post's, Most Popular Nostalgia Performer
Australia Post's, Most Popular Performer, two years in a row. 2001 and 2002

Most of his performances are still to capacity audiences in the major venues and festivals across Australia
and due to many requests over the years, he has decided to perform for his fans at the this year's Tamworth Festival.

(Space set aside for dancing at back)

Lonnie Lee - One of the very few 'REAL' legends of Australian Music.

Print them out and give them to your friends


199 Marius St, Tamworth. Phone: (02) 6766 8166

Fri -      January 19

Sat-      January 20
Sun -   January 21
Mon -   January 22
Tues -  January 23

2 pm show Fri ONLY


then next 4 days...
10:30 am show

every day

Each show is

1 hour 30 mins

Adults $30.00
Pensioner $28.00
 (Must Show Pension Card)
Group 10 + $22.00
Children $17.00 (12 and Under)


Book at the Club

In Person: 199 Marius St., 9.30am to 10.30pm
Phone Bookings:(02) 6766 8166

Tourism Tamworth

In person: Mon-Sun 9am to 5pm
Visitor Information Centre
Peel & Murray Strs., Tamworth.
Phone Bookings : By Credit Card- 02 6767 5200
BOOK ONLINE HERE - Booking charges could occurr here

Contact us here if you have troubles booking


Lonnie will take the stage for an 1 hour 30 mins of pure non-stop energy.


Then he will have a 'Meet'n'Greet' for up to an hour for 'selfies', autographs, stories and a chance to see and purchase some of his merchandise.

During that time he will take you on a journey to experience..

....most of his 8 National Hits and 5 Gold Records..

....songs from his many early and recent albums..

....celebrations of the Rockabilly/Country songs that made the pop parades in the late 50's and early 60's.Most of them you will not have heard since then.

....celebrations of Johnnie Ray who was the biggest star before Elvis arrived!

....Lonnie Lee versions of some of the most popular classic Rock'n'Roll and Country Rock songs ever recorded

....Special Tribute to his Superstar peers and friends and more....

plus a selection of songs from his recent DVD and CD releases.


If you are Country Music lover and want to know what connection
Lonnie has to the country and Country Music?

He was raised on the family sheep station in Rowena, between Walgett and Moree
Much of his first music was listening to early Country Music singers such as Hank Williams etc..

In the 50's he did many country shows with the top country stars of the time.. Tom MacNamara, Reg Lindsay, Tex Morton, Bill Kelly, George Payne and many others..

He was the only POP star of that time to record true modern country music and make them hits.

In 1964 he recorded the very first full stereo album in Australia. Called 'A Country Boy at Heart', it featured many of his own self written songs.

His self written country single releases of the time included, 'Little White House', 'On the Run', 'More than Yesterday' etc..

During a visit back from Nashville in the mid 70's he..

Promoted the first Modern Country Music Show at the Sydney Town Hall and had many country guests including John Williamson.

Convince and help Radio 2KY become the first full time country music station in Australia.
Arranged most of the American stars of the time to do station ID's and interviews for the station.

Had one of the first Country Music programs on radio 2KY in Sydney in the mid 70's. It ran for an hour 5 pm Drive time sponsored by Edels the biggest Sydney Music store at the time.

He had the first full Modern Country Music show seasons in the major Sydney Clubs.
'Lonnie Lee's Nashville Country Music Show' was in St George Leagues and Blacktown RSL as well as others.. The shows ran for many weeks in each club and featured many country singers such as Jimmy Little, Nev Nichols, Men of Country etc. Most times it had a cast up to 26 people including 2 bands. His own band included Norm Bodkin one of Australia's first premier pedal steel players. He still uses the leather guitar strap Norm made for him.

In Tamworth, he wrote and produced tracks for aboriginal country singer Col Hardy for Opal Records.

In USA...

He lived many years in USA, most of them in Nashville and Las Vegas

In 1972 BMI and Acuff Rose Publishing started him writing with and for Roy Orbison in Nashville.

In the mid 70's to 80's he ran several Country Music Clubs and famous restaurants in Nashville such as Jerry Reed's Nashville Palace, Web Pierce's Rhinestone Cowboy, Ernie Ashworth's Country Kitchen, The 3 Gables' and more.. He booked many of the top Country acts of the time including many Opry Legends, and others such as Gospel group, DJ Sumner and the Stamps, Tony Joe White, Mickey Gilley and other famous identities such as Jack Clements, Jack Lawrence.

He was the first to book the Supergroup Alabama into Nashville during Fan Fare which gave them their big break with RCA.
He booked the Jerry Reed Band for near 2 years in both the Nashville Place and the Rhinestone Cowboy
He showcased Ronnie McDowell to the world press with his 'The King is Gone' just after Elvis passed. It sold millions and started his record career.

He started and ran the first independent computerized Country Music Record Promotion company in USA... as well as 'SpotLite Records' both based in Nashville with a West Coast branch in Las Vegas.

In 1978 Lonnie's name was placed in the famous 'Web Pierce Guitar Pool' in Nashville.

1980 he was made an Honorary Delegate to the United States House of Representatives, for his 'Outstanding contribution to the Community, State of Tennessee and Nation'.

In 1982 Lonnie was a founder director of the Las Vegas based.. 'American Country Music Association'.

and there is enough for another book..............

Check out Lonnie's new Elvis the hillbilly Cat website


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