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What does Crikey mean ?

Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary

Crikey /'kraiki/ Used to express surprise, fear etc.,

such as, "Crikey! what a big croc!"

It is a very old Australian saying which had virtually been lost especially in the cities, although some true blue Aussies such as Steve still say it.
Now it is known worldwide. Say it as a rememberance to Steve!

Tribute to a True Blue Aussie Hero

Crikey Crikey
Written by Lonnie Lee
(c) Sept 2006 Lonnie Lee - Starlite International Pty Ltd
PO Box 3374 Liverpool NSW 2170 Australia

Download and print the words here

We've got an Aussie hero, he wears a uniform,
Khaki shirts and short shorts, whether cold or warm

He's a friend of all the animals he knows them all so well
So excited when he sees them, he give his special yell..


Crikey Crikey, matey struth cor blimey,
magic words to save all critters living in the wild

Crikey Crikey, matey struth cor- blimey,
Wont you join Australia zoo, cause you can save 'em too!

Like Superman and Batman, he's flying through the air,
Like Tarzan and The Phantom, you know he really cares

He's a real life hero, trying to make it better here
Trying to save all the animals, a man without fear.


Crocodiles, kangaroos, Koalas in the trees
From jungles to the deserts, rivers to the seas

He loved 'em all, big n small, you could see it in his eyes
You could hear it in the way he spoke, about their precious lives


His dream is in the doing, giving love to one and all
Man and woman, boys n girls and all the animals.

So step right up, give a smile, show you really care
'Tho you wont see him, he'll be right there.

Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter