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His first award was the coveted 'Silver Medal' when he was
about 12 as a soliost soprano at the Lavender Bay Christ Church.

1961 Golden Microphone Award


1959 he was named by Lee Gordon as the
Artist Most Likely to Succeed

1960 he was named by the media as..
The Most Constant Hit Parader

1961 as the most popular star on ABCTV's
Six O'Clock Rock music TV Show

1961 as the 2nd most popular star on
Channel 9's 'Bandstand' Show


He recieved this prestigious award as Australia's most popular recording star. It was the most coveted award in the Australian music industry and it was presented to him at the Princess Theatre Perth by Radio 6IX the leading Top 40 station at the time.

1998 Most popular nostalgia star



2011 Best Nostalgia Artist



1999 Best Performing Artist



Lonnie Lee Parkes Wall of Fame








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The Hillbilly Cat Show


This show tells the story of Elvis Presley. How he got to record for Sun Records in Memphis, how he fused several styles to create what we now call Rockabilly, and the songs which became his first records for Sun Records. Lonnie sings them blending hos own energetic style with that of the young Elvis.

The Cry! Show


Prior to Elvis amd Rock'n'Roll, Johnnie Ray was the world's most popular recording and stage star. His show attendenaces broke all records and some still stand today. His antics on stage included lying on the stage floor making love to a microphone stand, jumping on a piano, and frantically moving around the stage. These were the moves that a young Elvis and Jerry Lee Lewis year later put to a Rock.n.Rioll beat. His vocal style was also unique so much so they named him, Mr Emotion, The Nabob of Sob and The Cry Guy.

Lonnie take 26 of the great Johnnie Ray songs and with his Leemen and a big band, presents a swing show like no other. He links them together in an exciting story.

The Rockabilly Frenzy Show


Due to requests for Lonnie do perform dance show, he has this show which presents the best Rock and Rockabilly songs especially for dances and those who love Lonnie's energy and style. Many of these songs are not performed in any of his other shows.

The Roots of Aussie Rock Show


As a tribute to the first original Rock.n.Roll era, Lonnie sings the songs and tells the story of his friends and peers who were Australia's first music stars.



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If you have a story, photos, video, tapes etc.,
of Lonnie over the years, please fill in this form.I

We are URGENTLY in need of these things for a new DVD, book.
All property will be returned if requested and credits
will be given to those who supplied things if they wish.

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1940 September 18 born in Private Nursing home in Chatswood.
Back to Grandparents sheep property in Rowena.
1946 Started boarding school at Trinity Grammar School Strathfield then 1951 day school at Summer Hill.
1947 - 1952 Singing in school choir and at home with parents playing piano
Learned piano at school.
1953 - 1955

Went to Crows Nest Technical College
Singing in Lavender Bay Christ Church choir

Taught himself ukelele
Joined Sea Scouts 1st


Sang 30's and 40's songs then Johnnie Ray,Hank Williams & others
Taught himself guitar.
Paper deliveries before and after school.. Worked in Luna Park, on Ferries , in Woostores and factories in school holidays.
Left school  after Intrenediate Certificate.


Saw Blackboard Jungle Movie - heard Rock'n Roll in movie
Australia's Amateur Hour  sang new release Heartbeak Hotel

First professional singing at small hotels, restaurants, parties
Started working in National Bank Crows Nest,Newtown,Marrickville.
Study Accountancy.


Started work at 2GB in Schedules and as Panel Operator.
Trocadero Ballroom Australia's ELVIS, for Love Me Tender promo - won
Surryville Ballroom- Sydney's Elvis Presley Contest - won

First TV apperance - Sydney Tonight
Sunday Sun 1st local rock page story
First Trocadero show with J.OK, one of Sydney first Rock'n'Roll shows
Started first Rockabilly Trio with Billy Mostyn & Kenny Hands
Performed in ATN7 'Sydney Tonight' - Sydney's first of it's type
Played dances, charity events, parties,football clubs in halls
First full time 6 shows a week at Riverview Hotel Tempe
Car accident in late December so father called him home to Rowena



Went back to family sheep property at Rowena, near Moree, Walgett
Worked as Jackaroo on property
Sang at local halls and balls, offered touring with Rodeo, Circuses
Sang with country band, Frank Bourke and his White Rose Orchestra
Offered to join most popular country band, White Rose Orchestra


Returned to Sydney in January
Started new bands called Laurie Rix and The Beatnix, then Laurie R Lee and The Leemen, then Lonnie Lee and The Leemen
Playing nearly every night at dances and shows.
Fan Club started by Margaret Roberts and Dianne Farr and others in Bendigo and across Australia.
Offered to record first EP for Lee Gordon, 'This is Lonnie Lee'
Performed on Stadium Show with Fabian.
Featured in first Rock'n'Roll Movie filmed at Stadium
1st # 1 of 8 Hit Records... 'Aint it So" -  Lonnie & J.OK wrote it.
First Australian Rock'n'Roll tour - across Victoria with J.O'K

1960 Featured on many Stadium, Festival Hall shows with US stars, Ricky Nelson, Jerry Lee Lewis, Crash Craddock, Bobby Rydell, Marv Johnson, The Everly Bros, Johnny Cash, The Crickets, Tommy Sands, Chan Romero and many more.
Started 2 year run as featured star on Australia's first Rock TV Show
First Rock'n'Roll tour to Queensland and many other dances, shows.
On tour in June, Lonnie found J.OK accident near Kempsey.
Started own publishing company, 'Lonnie Lee Music'
Had 3 sings on Hit Parade at same time.
Signature song, 'Starlight Starbright' released in January. First Gold.
First Full colour LP in Australia released, 'A Night out with Lonnie Lee'.



Public vote 'Most Popular Star ABC TV's 'Six O'Clock Rock' -J.Ok 2nd
2nd most popular star on TV's Bandstand. Col Joye first.
Golden Microphone Award as Australia's Most Popular Star.
Many shows and dances across Australia.
Started performing on Showgrounds


Press Award "Australia's Most Consistent Hit Parader
First tour of New Zealand, 'Phillips Showtime' - 2 months.

Many more records released.. Sitting by the River, When the bells etc


8 Top 10 Hit Records - 5 Gold Records  many Albums
Concert tours with every major US superstar of the era.
More Australian hits than Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry
Tours and record releases worldwide.
1st OZ Stereo LP in 1964  also 1st Full colour album cover in Australia 1960
1st artist to record a Bee Gee song 1960 "I'd like to leave"   
1st Australian to top NZ parades and successfully concert tour -1959-64
Started The Bowl Booking Agency
Promoted 2nd Wave of Australian stars such as Normie Rowe, Tony Worsley and wrote and produced tracks for Mike Furber, Donna Gaye, The Rajahs and many others.
Started own agency ' Lonnie Lee Entertainment Agency'
Toured NZ with Dinah Lee
Recorded for EMI Records', HMV Label.
'Discovered' John Rowles, named him JA-AR signed and recorded him for Leedon Records and managed and booked him.

1966-1967 Performed in clubs and tours across NZ and Australia
Continued booking stars
Offered trip to Europe left on Chandris to Greece.
Performed across Europe and England

Toured South Pacific Islands, Fiji, New Caledonia and Tahiti
Managed and produced for Sunshine Records Australia.
Helped promote Swinger Circuit.. Australia's biggest ever tour circuit.

1969 Toured NZ with Judith Durham - when she left The Seekers.
Toured Ivan Dayman's 'Swinger Circuit' across Australia
1971 -1984

Went to USA to Seattle then Las Vegas then Hollywood & Nashville.
Living in Nashville on/off for 9yrs - wrote for and with Roy Orbison and other stars. Roy made him his, 'Personal Assistant'. 
1980 was made an "Honourary Delegate to the USA House of Representatives.
Produced Health and Exercise TV Show at Channel 17 in Nashville for 2 seasons for ex Mr America.
Promoted franchises for 'American Health Studios' Nashville.

Managed and promoted Nashville's top Country Music Nightclubs, Nashville Palace and Web Pierce's Rhinestone Cowboy.
Had world's first 'Solar and Alternatives' Expo in Nashville, 'Living in the 80's' .
Lived in Las Vegas on/off 5 yrs performing and had own record label and music companies.
Started the first computerised 'Record Promotion' company in USA.
Performed and had own shows across USA.
Spent a year in LA with Motown producer Mickey Stevenson of "Dancin in the Street" fame.      
A Founder Director of 'American Society of Country Music' - Las Vegas.
Owned record label & promo company in Nashville & Las Vegas.
Produced Country Music TV Show from Silver Nugget Casino Las Vegas.
Lonnie Lee's Nashville Country Music Show first full country show in major clubs and Sydney Town Hall.
Had Country Music Radio show for Edels Record Stores, on Radio 2KY.

Promoted stars such as Ray Charles, The Hollies, Gene Pitney, Tom T Hall.
Toured Australia with Roy Orbison.
Toured Australia as Specila Guest on Las Vegas show, 'Elvis - The Final Farewell Concert'


Started radio show ' Lonnie Lee's Rock'n'Remember Show' on 2GLF 99.3FM
Brought back Australia's first rock stars such as Barry Stanton, Warren Williams, Johnny Devlin, Booka Highland, Lucky Starr and others with guest Glen Shorrack for big Rock'n'Remember' concert recorded by ABC radio.
Chosen to represent pop music by ABC TV at 60th  Anniversary.
Ausmusic launch, chosen to represent the first Australian Rock Stars.
One of the most featured stars at Powerhouse Museum's "Real Wild Child" exhibit.
Major attraction at Canberra festival and other major provincial events.  
Major show at Darling Harbour "Australia Day" celebrations for 3 years.
1998 and 1999 awarded "Australia Post Best Performing Artist" .
2001 awarded Australia Post ‘Best Nostalgia Act’
Tours all clubs, casino's, outdoor events,festivals and corporate events.
Started Starlite Records and writes, records and releases new CD's.
Recorded major hits with stars of ABC TV show, 'Six O'Clock Rock'.
1984 Suggested Festival Records re-release albums of original rock stars. Series became known as, 'The Festival File'.
Started and toured 'Lonnie Lee's Dance Ranch', the first major Line Dance show.

Cameo performances and interviews on many TV Shows.


Featured on major venue tour, 'Long Way to The Top'.
Performance on Australia first Music cruise, 'The Blue Suede Cruise' .
Wrote and released CDs such as
Light of Love', 'North West Mail' and DVDs .. 'Good Rockin' Tonight'.
Releases Black and White DVD series of old TV shows from 1959. Vol 1 and 2

Cable TV Channel 'Ovation' featuring and repeating Lonnie's shows.
Performing at major venues such as Crown Casino QPAC and festivals with Leemen across Australia.

Turned 78 on 18th September 2018
Still writing and releasing CDs and DVDs.
Writing his book. 80,000 + words so far..
Two week QLD Seniors Tour 2016

Victoria West Tour 2017
Melbourne Seniors Tour 2018
Repeat performances at leading clubs and other venues
2018 new CD Back to Base X of his own songs plus those of John Marascalo (Rip it up) and Otis Blackwell (Don't be Cruel)


Lonnie Lee is unique - one of a kind - his music style, his vocal style and energy and his accomplishments attest to that.

His shows are unique from all of his peers whether international or local.

His 'firsts' are also unique.

See testimonials from fans and reviewers on another area of this site.


Today he still gets more plays than his peers on radio for both older and current releases.
Has recently released 21 CDs over as many years, 4 "live" show DVDs and archivale DVDs.

He has never had a manager or exclusive agent and has always stood alone. So incredibly, 60 years later it's still..




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This is the full RETAIL catalog of Starlite Records On-Line
You can learn more about each product by clicking on the Catalog # of your choice.

If what you are looking for is not here, please inquire here



Lonnie Lee CD's Starlite label
Lonnie Lee Cassettes Canetoad label
Lonnie Lee Vinyl US import labels
Lonnie Lee Video Other Artist Labels
Lonnie Lee T-Shirts- Caps etc  
Lonnie Lee Fliers Books
Lonnie Lee Posters Magazines
Lonnie Lee Photos  



Solid Gold
Don't Look Back
Really Rockin
Live at The Dance Ranch
I Like it I love it
The Original Definitive Collection - Lonnie Lee - Vol 1 - The Leedon Years
The Original Definitive Collection - Lonnie Lee - Vol 2 - The Leedon Years
Like it is
The Original Definitive Collection Lonnie Lee Vol 3 - The TV Shows
Good Rockin' Tonight - Lonnie Lee - The Live Show 2004 CD
Can't you see it in my eyes - CD Single

Solid Gold
Let's go - Let's dance (Casingle)
Don't look back
Solid Gold
Johnny Rock'n'Roll (45rpm 7"single)
Collectors Edition (33 1/3rpm 7" album) 4 tracks


Rock 'n' Remember Show - 57 mins stereo
Live at The Dance Ranch -72 mins stereo
Good Rockin' Tonight - The Live Show 2004 DVD

50's Forever
Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll
Hot & Honky Dance Ranch
Good quality black 'Hail Hail' cap



A4 gloss purple 2 sided 2 fold flier
A4 gloss red 2 sided 1 fold flier



This is Lonnie Lee- large A2 full colour poster
Hail Hail Rock'n'Roll A3 siz poster
Rock'n'Remember Show A4 small poster
Good Rockin' Tonight - large A2 full colour poster
A4 B&W Lonnie Lee photo on gloss board
A4 B&W 1999 with guitar
A4 2 on page at Powerhouse
10x8 Glossy actual photo of several of the living legends of the Six O'Clock TV show


ST804 Living Legends of Six O'Clock Rock ST804LP Living Legends of Six O'Clock Rock
CASSETTES   ST801 Lonnie Lee - Johnny Rock'n'Roll - 45rpm
ST804c Living Legends of Six O'Clock Rock    


CD-001 Australian Music Beat Scene CTI-001 Bob Luman - The Great Snowman
CD-002 Dinah Lee 1964 -1967 CTI-002 Donnie Brooks - Greatest Hits 1958-1968
CD-003 The Atlantics - Johnny Rebb on vocals    
CD-004 The Atlantics CBS Recordings Vol 1    
CD-005 The Atlantics CBS Recordings Vol 2    
CD-006 The Preston Story - Vol 1    
CD-007 The Cherokees    
CD-008 The W&G Instrumental Story    
CD-009 Bobby & Laurie 'I belong to you'    
CD-010 Live, Loud and Sweaty - Oz in 70's    
CD-011 M.P.D. Ltd - Go!! recordings    
CD-012 The Preston Story Vol 2    
CD-013 Girls! Girls! Girls! - Oz from 60's Vol 1    
CD-014 The Best of The Strangers    
CD-015 Johnny O'Keefe - The Last concert    
CD-016 Bobby & Laurie    
CD-017 The Thunderbirds    
CD-018 Vintage Australian Rock'n'Roll    
CD-019 Rockin' is our business    
CD-020 Johnny Rebb and his Rebels    
CD-021 Go!! Going!! Gone!!    
CD-022 The Kravats    
CD-023 Australian Teenage Idols - Vol 1    
CD-024 Punkville    
CTCD-025 Hillbilly Fever - Preston Story Vol 3    
CTCD-026 Colin Cook & The Strangers    
CTCD-027 Johnny O'Keefe - The Explosive    
CTCD-028 Magical Mystery Tour-David Fraser Tapes    
CTCD-029 Trailblazers Stage Show    
See more column to right ->


RP116 - Vinyl Spotlite Records Lonnie Lee - Collectors - 1982 4 track -33 1/3rpm - mini album
WR1 - CD Warrior Records Chan Romero - Fifties Flashback with Hippy Hippy Shake


  Wayne Jackson of the Memphis Horns  
  Bob Babbitt of the Funk Bros  
  Normie Rowe  
  Lil Fi  


BST01 Six O'Clock Rock - The Facts Lonnie Lee
CTB1 Collected Australian Stories on Rock'n'Roll David MacLean
WO Wild One - Life and times of Johnny O'Keefe Damian Johnstone

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