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Lonnie's first cousin Peter Andrews is a farmer, thoroughbred trainer and eco scientist. 

He was raised on a sheep station just out of Broken Hill on the Wilcania Road and ever since he can remember he has been interestede in the soil, water and plants.  He has seen how some plants survive in drought, or floods and when he bought his own thoroughbred horse proprety in NSW just out of Scone and Mudgee, he decided to try and find out why and how it all worked.

Success came very slowly however every step forward showd him how incredible nature is in creating then repairing the landscape and the water tables.

Peter and the property, Tarwyn Park is now famous around the world as a template and model for how to repair landscape against floods, drought and general degredation. Some well known businessmen such as Gerry Harvey and Tony Cootes have used Peter to fix their properties, thus adding millions to their value.

He called his theory, Natural Sequence Farming and he has featured on every major television show in Australia who would carry a story about the land. He has been on the ABC's Australian Story 4 times which is more than any other person.


Scimentist from all over the world come to talk to Peter and he has also consulted in many countries from the middle east to Africa, America and Europe.

Most major politicians from all sides have visited it however because it goes opposite to what some current laws are, they have not done anything to use or recommend it. Peter shows that weeds and trees lining river and creek banks are necessary and natural whilst current laws from the 1800's demand they all be poisened, destroyed or taken out.  Consequently Australia's soul is flowing into the sea from the river banks and plains and the rivers themselves are becoming shallow with silt, making it easier to flood. Until someone in power can reverse these laws and demand that bureaucrats and current scientists let go of their outdated and incorrect theories, Australia will continue to degrade

The links on this page take you to read more and even partake in the discussion forum and ask questions about it.

Lonnie has been the silent person with Peter since the beginning.

He has created the sites and still is donating and maintaining them.

Please enjoy and if you are in a position to help in anyway contact us.


Natural Sequence Farming Official Website

Natural Sequence Farming Original Site

Facebook site



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Whilst many of the shows are here on the guide, there are some which may not show especially private and corporate events which are not open to the public.  If you need more information about a show, please check with the venue or contact us.

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You might like to PRINT this page so you have all the information you need about our show and details about the venue..

199 Marius St, Tamworth. Phone: (02) 6766 8166

Lonnie Lee Tamworth Show Bookings
General Information Sheet


Book through Starlite Records

Phone Bookings: 02 9826 0220

Book at the Club In Person:199 Marius St, Tamworth
Phone Bookings: (02) 6766 8166
Booking Agencies
and Online

In person: Mon-Sun 9am to 7pm
Capital Theatre 1st Floor Centerpoint
Big Guitar- Ray Walsh -Trecc Foyer (2-4pm)
Phone Bookings : By Credit Card- 02 6767 5200


January 2020
Show Dates are..
All shows at 10:30 am
Sun  19
Mon 20
Tue  21
  Wed 22
Thu 23
  Fri    24
  Sat   25

Adults $28 - Pensioners with card $26
Group 10+ $23 - Children $17 (12 under)

Doors will open about 10:00 am each day when prepaid tickets will be accepted or new ones purchased if space allows.
If you have prepaid your ticket here Online, you MUST have your printed ticket.
Each show will start right on 10:30am and the 1 1/2 hour show will feature Lonnie Lee and The Leemen with many of his hits,
songs from his old and new albums and celebrations of the music of many other Superstars including Johnnie Ray.
SPECIAL: Some of the incredible popular songs from the first Aussie stars which hit the top of the pop parades
back in the late 50's and early 60's You won't believe you've forgotten these fantastic songs...
The venue will have an area set up at the back of the seating which will allow for dancing if you so wish.
Merchandise will be available at the show either before or after the event and Lonnie will sign all purchases after his show.
He will also sign an old records or photo's you may have from other times.
The venue is a well known club in Tamworth and any cab driver and most locals will know where it is and how to get to it.

If you are driving or walking you can follow these easy directions..


Have your Ticket  ready to show and you can claim any seat that is available.
Dancing is okay at the back of the room and let Lonnie know if you have any request for his songs
or if you wish to have him make an announcement about a birthday etc..


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Here are links to the track lists of all Lonnie Lee media available to the public.


Track Menu Page




Starlite Records Online Shop


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These are stories and reviews that have been written by the press and media.


Club Management Magazine  - This goes to every club and major venue venue across Australia

TIME LINE - A brief overview of just who Lonnie Lee is.