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This is NO CLONE SHOW - The hits he sings are his own!!!

He is like Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and early Elvis
all rolled into new exciting package.
Hear why Johnny O'keefe and Brian Henderson
said he was the best singer of his era!

Lonnie and The Leemen present different shows for the many different styles of venues they play.

For example in a dinner 'listening room' setting they present a more personal show than if it were a 300 - 1000 seat auditorium. Then again if it was an outside country, blues or rock festival, they would have a show appropriate for those specific venues.

A basic but good description of him for those who are unfamiliar with his music would be that he is very unique and his music falls within styles such as rockabilly, roots, country, blues and rock.

His basic 2013 non-stop show consists of 50 plus songs and depending on the venue could include many of his Gold Hits, country rockabilly segment, tributes to Johnnie Ray and other classic rock stars of the 50's and 60's.
His audience demographic is both sides of the baby boomers.

The shows from this unique'One of a Kind' legend are just that, 'One of a Kind'.

Shows feature many songs from his Definitive Collection series, as well as his brand new albums,
'Light of Love' and 'North West Mail'.

Book now and don't miss out...

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