Lonnie Lee Radio



This station is on air 24/7/365 for your listening pleasure.

Lonnie Lee is the first Australian Star to have a radio station feature ONLY his songs. The station runs every hour, all year round.


The over 450 songs are on an automatic playlist to keep it fresh for listeners who tune in often. These songs are from the Starlite Records catalog from 1959 until today. As new Lonnie Lee product is released, they will add them to this playlist.


All of the songs are available for purchase from the STARLITE RECORDS ONLINE Shop and very soon will be available as individual MP3 files for use in your mobile devices.


The station server, in the offices of Starlite Records, uses a professional radio station computer program called RADIODJ and you can hear the stream via several servers such as SHOUTCAST, TUNEIN or other Stream web sites.


These two are also available FREE for your mobile phone, pad etc.


In your device, look in free app's and download the app. Once downloaded, do a search for Lonnie Lee radio and you will get the station. Place it in your favourites and it will be with you whenever you want.


See the PLAYLIST on the Menu above to see what is playing at the moment and what has recently played. You will notice a great variation of styles and songs which Lonnie has recorded over the years.


Perfect for Birthday or other greetings with a request.


We are working on adding an option for you to make a request for 2 songs played one after the other, with your name mentioned. When you make the request you can tell us what date and time you'd like them played.


We are open to hear suggestions if you have any. Just drop us an email here



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