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This month's playlist is taken from 450 songs.
It features many of Lonnie's hits from 1959 as well tracks from his recent CDs.

The songs featured
are from the CDs..

The Definitive Original Collection
Volume 1,2, 3 & Vol 4
Really Rockin'
Live at The Dance Ranch
Don't Look Back
I like it I love it
Like it is
Lonnie sings Elvis
Convoy for Kids
Good Rockin Tonite
Best of Lonnie Live
I Like it I love it
Like it is
Solid Gold
Living Legends of Six O'Clock Rock
Light of Love
North West Mail
The Sunshine Tapes
Soft and Easy
Convoy for Kids
Rockin Wild in the Country

and more..

Also a 1972 interview with John Denver.

Radio series
The Roots of Aussie Rock
The Hit Parades

Introductions by
Lonnie and Johnny O'Keefe


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