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The Wild One.

Damian Johnstone
Fan of the original Rock era.

There have been a few books about our
J.O'K, however none as honest and well researched as this one.

It covers much of his early private life as well as the usual showbusiness angles.

Friends and family were the major sources for the material Damian used to sculpture into this book. This being the case, it could be said there will never be a more truthful account of Johnny's life.

Plenty of private collection photos and real human stories which show all sides of Australia's first King of Rock'n'Roll.

There are only a few copies left
and it will not be republished.

Don't miss out.


The Mayor's a Square

Shane Homan
Professor and expert n Australia Social life.

As a very respected academic, Shane has done an incredible amount of research to make sure this book is accountable to what actually went on in the early 'live music' scene in Sydney.

The book covers from the 40's 'dance' scene to the 80's 'pub' scene and shows clearly what the lawmakers did to make things, or stop things from happening.

The title comes from a statement Johnny O'Keefe made in the late 50's about the Mayor of Parramatta because they wouldn't let him run his rock'n'roll dance in the Town Hall.

Many officials in both USA, UK and Australia thought RnR was the 'devils' music, so did everything they could to keep it away from society.

An interesting read for anyone into the history of live Oz music.


Six O'Clock Rock
The Facts

Lonnie Lee

A booklet with facts an figures all
about Australia's first live
Rock'n'Roll TV Show !

FrFrom From 1959 to 1962,
the show beamed out from Sydney's ABC TV Studios every Saturday night at 6pm right across Australia as one of the countries first fully national programs.

This booklet contains much information about the exciting TV show. Who was on it, when, how much they go paid etc.

A good read for those into OZ pop music history.

Lonnie Lee will sign it if requested.



Alan Heffernan
Was Lee Gordon's right hand man

If there is a truthful story to be told about Lee Gordon, this is the man to do it.

As Lee's right hand man from the very start of his show business activities in the early 50's, Alan shows us just what wheeling and dealing went on behind the scenes.

Whether it be about his dealings with Elvis and Colonel Tom or Frank Sinatra, this is a tale that will enchant anyone who remembers the good old days at the Stadium and the Festival Halls.

Around 40 colour photos of all the Stadium programs as well as other photos to enhance the stories.

A limited numbered publication which Alan will sign if requested.

Some Days are Diamonds

Max Moore
Worked for Lee Gordon then for ATA Artists

Long Way 'til you drop

Tony Barber
Guitarist in original Billy Thorpe Aztecs



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