It Takes me back

23. 11. 06
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It Takes me back
Written, produced and sung by Lonnie Lee


It Takes me back is the title of a song Lonnie has written about his life at his family sheep station in Rowena North West NSW then leaving for Sydney where he became one of the three top selling and most popular television stars of that early 1960's era, Johnny O'Keefe, Col Joye and Lonnie Lee.

There is much written on this website and on Google and Youtube searchs about his full career.


This single release is sort of in the country style initially made popular by country superstar Johnny Cash and he is backed by his band The Leemen.

It is extremely popular on his shows with some of the repeat show visitor fans singing along with him in the  'Run, Run, Run , Run, chorus !


It is available for purchase on the Starlite Records shop at

and there is a cute video of him singing the song at youtube


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